Below are examples of real stories of how HYT positively changed women's lives. 

Sourced from Dinah Rodriguez's book: Hormone Yoga Therapy.

Case Study 1 – Infertility


28 y.o. F.U.L.Q. suffered from polycystic ovaries since the age of 16. She experienced irregular periods, and suffered from stress and acne. She was trying to get pregnant for 5 years without success. Both of her ovaries were below normal in terms of volume, and her left ovary had a large number of micro cysts. She finally decided to start using HYT to help her with her symptoms. Her progress was as follows:


Month 1 - Started the HYT practice, 16 days a month

Month 2 – Oestrogen level of 183 pg/ml, normal texture of ovaries, menstruating regularly

Month 7 – Became pregnant


Case Study 2 – Migraines


47 y.o. X.G.M. experienced significant discomfort in her pre-menopause period.

Her oestrogen level was at 17,7 mg/ml, and her symptoms included irregular menstruation, migraines, irritability anxiety, mood swing, poor memory, low libido, joint pains, insomnia (symptom intensity rating of 18). After commencing HYT practice her progress was as follows:


Month 1 - Started the HYT practice, 18 days a month

Month 9 –Symptoms intensity decreased from 18 to 7. Good disposition, vitality, normal menstruation, intensity of anguish irritation, anxiety and palpitations decreased. Migraines and insomnia disappeared completely

Month 10 – Discontinued the HYT practice for one month: Symptoms of failure of menstruation, insomnia and irritability returned.

Month 13 – Resumed the practice: feeling good and full of vitality, irritability zero, less joint pain, better memory and reasoning, complete disappearance of anguish and migraines, libido increased to normal, some white hairs started to grow black


Case Study 3 – Pre-mature menopause


C.C. started to experience pre-mature menopause symptoms at the age of 39. After having 12 months without menstruating, she began to feel very stressed, hyper active, resentful and unsatisfied. Due to hyperactive pre-disposition, she also engaged in excessive physical exercise. Her oestrogen levels were at 13,2 pg/ml. C.C. commenced hormone replacement therapy (medication), had one menstruation, but the oestrogen level remained low. At that time, her symptoms could be summarised as follows: no menstruation, hot flushes very strong – intensity 3, migraines (taking medication) – 2, uro-genital dryness – 2, irritavbility-2.

C.C. then decided to attempt using HYT to treat her symptoms, with the following outcomes:


Month 1 – Stopped the hormone replacement, started HYT practising 30 days a month

Month 2 – oestrogen level 79,0 pg/ml, menstruating without medication, uro-genital dryness – 1, hot flushes intensity - 1

Month 3 – had a long phase of stress at work and her hormone level decreased to the initial level 13,6 pg/ml


Case Study 4 – Oestrogen level drop


E.D.S. experienced menopause at the age of 51. At the age of 66 her oestrogen levels dropped to 10 pg/ml. Her symptoms were of intensity 18 and included irritation, insomnia, uro-genital dryness, and low libido. After commencing HYT, her symptoms changed as follows:


Month 1 – started HYT, 16 days a month

Month 4 – Oestrogen level increased to 23 pg/ml, symptoms intensity from 18 to 3, feeling full of vitality and happy mood

Month 10 – going on with the practice, oestrogen level maintained at 23 pg/ml, symptoms zero

Month 11 – interrupted the practice of HYT

Oestrogen level down to 14,2 pg/ml (menopause level), symptoms increased to intensity 10, hot flushed (not present before)

Month 14 – practice 25 times a month

Oestrogen level 30 pg/ml, symptoms intensity zero, strong and healthier hair, libido increase, cheerful and full of vitality

Month 17 – practice 29 times a month

Oestrogen level increased from 30 pg/ml to 39,6 pg/ml, symptoms intensity zero, vitality increased, good disposition.

Success Stories

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