Frequently Asked Questions

What is the content of the Sequence course?

During the weekend HYT sequence course you will learn breathing techniques, warm up exercises and daily series of HYT exercises which you will have to practice at home (3-5 times per week). Average daily practice routine takes about 30 minutes. You will also learn exercises against stress, anti-stress pranayamas and Yoga-Nidra to activate glands and harmonize energy and chakras.


Do I have to have prior experience with Yoga before attending the course?

No, previous Yoga experience is not needed and HYT is suitable for everyone. All the exercises are easy to do and there is always modification available.  


What do I need to bring for the weekend Sequence course?

Wear comfortable Yoga or other sporty clothes. In the studio, there will be yoga mats you can use, but you are welcomed to bring your own. Drinks (water and herbal tea) and small snacks (fruit and vegetable) will be provided for you. Eating a heavy meal just straight before the seminar is not recommended. You will also receive the necessary study materials, and pens to be able to make the notes.

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before the course starts.


Do I have to practice regularly after the HYT Sequence course?

The results of HYT exercise come according to how often you do your practice. Is recommended to practice every day, minimum 3-5 per week.  Daily practice takes approx. 30 minutes.


Do I have to have a high level of fitness to attend a HYT Sequence course?

No, you don’t need to be the fitness fan. The HYT exercises are easy to do and suitable for women of all ages. However, check the “Contraindications” section for any concerns you might have.


If I don't want to attend a public Sequence course, are private ones available?

Although the public courses are designed to take place in small and convenient groups (max 8 attendants), if the schedule is not suitable for you or you do prefer an individual approach, kindly let me know via form in the section “Contact”. You can also book your Individual course in the section “Classes”.


If I have not done HYT practice for a while and need refresher training, what do I do?

If you had a longer break from your HYT practice and you wish to start again, kindly check the Refresher Classes in the section “Classes”. I run the public refresher classes in the studio as well as the private ones.


Can I bring my husband to the weekend course?

The HYT Sequence courses and follow up open classes are designed for women only. 


I already paid online deposit for the weekend Sequence course but last minute can’t attend. What are my options?

Although the “last minute” occurrences are part of the life, the bookings of all courses and classes are obligatory and the Cancellation policy applies. If you are facing any issue with your future attendance, kindly contact me asap via the form in the section “Contact”

In case you have any other query, kindly use the contact form in the section "Contact". 

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